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Solskin is supported with 20k CHF from Klimafonds Stadtwerke Winterthur

We are very happy to announce that Klimafonds Stadtwerk Winterthur is supporting Solskin with a 20,000 CHF grant!

Solskin was awarded for its innovative approach to solar power production on buildings combined with the improvement of building energy efficiency due to its smart shading capabilities.

Solskin is made of small moving photovoltaic elements that follow the position of the sun and at the same time provide shade to the interior of buildings. In this way, green electricity can be generated while reducing the cooling requirements of the building and thus overall saving a substantial amount of energy.

The support from the Klimafonds Stadtwerk Winterthur is in line with the energy and climate policy of the city of Winterthur. Solskin contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gases and to the careful use of raw materials, enabling a climate-friendly environment for people.

We are happy to once again find support for our project in Winterthur. We are excited and are looking forward to seeing Solskin installed around the city as soon as next year.

It is the pioneers, not only in the startups but also the early movers, that enable the successful creation and commercialization of new technologies for a better and more sustainable environment. If you are interested in joining our journey with your own construction project or as an investor and would like to become a pioneer of the energy transition, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We would like to thank Klimafonds Stadtwerke Winterthur for their generous support of our vision to make buildings more sustainable and climate resilient.

Klimafonds Stadtwerke Winterthur supports Solskin by Zurich Soft Robotics with 20k CHF
Klimafonds Stadtwerke Winterthur supports Solskin with 20k CHF

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