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Smart Energy, Sustainable Comfort
Architecting an inspiring Future

Architectural Aesthetics

Sustainable Energy



Solskin reimagines sustainable architecture with flexible and dynamic designs that bring your project to life.

Solskin elegantly combines intelligent shading with solar electricity production. Solar tracked PV panels are redirected to the optimal position resulting in a reduction of building energy consumption by up to 80%*.

Reach new levels of comfort through self-learning AI control.

A moving building envelope that intelligently responds to occupant needs and the environment.

* The reported increases in PV electricity yield and energy savings result from energy and radiation simulations and are based on specific conditions and may vary for building and location as well as facade designs. Evaluation of the system's effectiveness is recommended on a case-by-case basis.

Solskin HILO

The adaptive
Solar Skin

  • Solskin automatically takes control of the solar heat gains which flow through your building envelope.

  • Experience the next generation building skin, adapting to your needs to create highest quality living and working spaces.

  • Highlight your sustainable commitment with a visible statement.

Solskin wins the renowned Watt d'Or Award 2023 in the category buildings and space

Solskin by Zurich Soft Robotics 
is an official 
Climate Innovator
at the COP 28 World Climate Summit

Watt d'Or Award 2023 Solskin
Climate neutral with Solskin


You, a building owner, an architect or a planner are interested in Solskin and reach out to us.



We analyse your planned building or renovation and we propose possible Solskin integrations. 

Together with other planners (architects, PV-planners, facade-planners) we plan the project in detail and handle the building application.



Our installation partners mount Solskin to your building and we handle the integration into the building automation systems.Your Solskin is now fully operational.

With our Solskin carefree service we provide your system with regular software updates and keep your facade moving over its entire lifetime.


Architect & Planner?


Whether renovation or new build, Solskin offers an all-encompassing solar solution for your home.

Solskin offers aesthetic solar solutions for building envelopes.

Do you want to expand your range with solar solutions? You've come to the right place.

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Our awards

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