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Zurich Soft Robotics

We at Zurich Soft Robotics are dedicated to create innovative new products and solutions based on our patented hybrid hard-soft material robotic actuator in combination with state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence to improve the wellbeing of people and the planet.

Founded in 2022 with a team of diverse expertise, Solskin is only the first step on our Journey. 

For a future

dynamic green cities 

are in harmony with nature


We support the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN




Dr. Bratislav Svetozarevic

Dr. Bratislav Svetozarevic

Bratislav started the development of Solskin as part of his PhD in 2014 and is the inventor of the soft robotic actuator that enables Solskin to work in harsh weather conditions with minimal energy consumption of its own. As a researcher at Empa and previously at ETH Zurich he knows the full spectrum of Solskins capabilities and expands those by state-of-the-art building automation algorithms. He assembled and managed the ZSR team since 2019.

Co-CEO, Head of Technology

Gabriel Kreuzer

Gabriel Kreuzer

Gabriel has become the mastermind behind the technical development of the Solskin system. He started working on the project during his master thesis at ETH Zurich where he developed sophisticated control algorithms for the soft material actuators that make Solskin move. Today he works full force to bring Solskin out of the lab onto people’s buildings.

Head of Architecture

Dr. Vesna Kosoric

Dr. Vesna Kosorić

Vesna is an architect with body and soul and her great passion for her work and her vision of sustainable green cities inspires those around her. As a specialist for building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) she is eager to integrate Solskin into buildings to create a user-centric environment, adopting to changes to maximize comfort and wellbeing.

Head of Business

Alexander Zuest

As an engineer with a background in the construction industry and with multiple years of experience in business development, Alex is well positioned at the intersection of product design, marketing, business development and fundraising. With an open mind and out of the box thinking, paired with his diverse experience including his international studies in Hong Kong, he pushes the vision of Solskin as an elegant solution to the energy transition.

Head of Production

Samuel Bernet

An entrepreneur at heart, Sam designed, manufactured and sold his own devices during his Mechanical Engineering studies at ETH Zürich. Before ETH he did an apprenticeship in IT and worked in China for a year. With a strong belief that solar energy and batteries are the new oil, he is now committed to designing the manufacturing optimized version of Solskin together with Gabriel. 

Head of Control

Dr. Loris Di Natale

Loris became passionate about energy management and Artificial Intelligence (AI) during his Master's at EPFL. He then spent four years applying AI to improve buildings’ energy efficiency during his PhD at Empa and EPFL, alongside Bratislav. Joining Solskin to render buildings more intelligent was the natural next step, a challenge he embraces with great enthusiasm.

Operational Strategic Advisor

lucas (1).jpg

Dr. Lukas Lichtensteiger

Lukas is a seasoned and successful PV entrepreneur and scientist who understands what it takes to make a successful deep tech company.


Matthew Taylor

Business Development (Consultant)

Matt has worked on developing partnerships in renewable tech startups for the past 5 years as well as previously co-founding an energy storage startup. He is experienced at building relationships with key stakeholders such as investors and future customers.
Matts’ entrepreneurial skills will help create many opportunities for Solskin to be implemented into sustainable architecture.

Djordje Cebic

Architecture and Visualisations (Consultant)


As a young architect, Đorđe has cultivated interest in innovative technology applications aimed at preserving nature and sustainability in architecture since his graduate studies. Along with the development of ideas and system integration, he is in charge of visual interpretation of the solution. Using 3D visualisation, he provides insight into the full aesthetic potential and experience offered by Solskin.

Davide Milone

Research & Development and Test Engineer


He recently completed his master's degree, specializing in embedded systems and biomedical devices. He loves to share his cooked food, music playlists and innovative ideas. Davide will work on testing the actuators to further ensure Solskin's long-term reliability and durability.


Marvin Griener

Research & Development and Test Engineer


Marvin is a curious mechanical engineer which led him to venture into different fields of applications throughout his studies, from additive manufacturing and special machinery to testing of satellite mechanisms and finally to Solskin. The gained experiences helps him to identify and focus on the critical parts of the Solskin system for which he creates appropriate testing setups and methods to ensure save and reliable operation for many years to come.

Juliette Hars

Intern Control Engineer


Juliette is completing her Master's degree in Robotics at EPFL. She undertook the design and modeling of a soft mobile robot at a renowned research laboratory, is experienced in data analysis and machine learning applied to MRI images, and completed a year-long robotics and AI study program in Norway. Her focus is on development of reliable control methods for Solskin and data analysis with the aim of creating a flawless and enjoyable user’s experience.


Prof. Dr.
Arno Schlueter

Arno is professor at ETH Zurich and Head of the Architecture and Building Systems Chair. Together we bring our research into the construction industry.

Anil Sethi Sq_edited.jpg
Anil Sethi

Anil is a serial entrepreneur, author and teacher. He supports and advises us with his expertise in business development. 

Reto Largo

Reto Largo is a Managing Director of NEST of Empa, a leading platform for research and innovation in buildings. He supports us with his expertise in business and a broad network in the construction industry.


Thomas Fernandez

Intern PV Analyst

Tomás worked on modeling, simulation and optimization of the panels for Solskin.

Boris Huljić

Marketing Assistant

Boris supported us with analyzing market opportunities and the creation of new advertising materials.

Office Location
Our offices

Zurich Soft Robotics GmbH

Technoparkstrasse 1

8005 Zürich

Next to:

Technopark Station, (tram line 4)

There are parking options available in the underground parking.

For a detailed way description of the location, please get in contact.

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