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Moving and moving you

A moving facade

Solskin is not only a highly innovative building energy management system but also the first adaptive,
moving facade that adapts to needs.

A visible statement for sustainability and style.

For a future of sustainable living architecture

  • Multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing, Solskin provides adaptive shading, power generation and interaction between the interior and exterior of the building.

  • Solskin protects against overheating and reduces building energy consumption by reducing the use of air conditioning, heating as well as artificial lighting.

  • The Solskin design flows smoothly into the intelligent control system, which optimally adapts to the energy demand and user needs. This synergy creates a pleasant indoor climate and optimal building comfort in living and working spaces, which has a positive effect on the well-being, motivation and productivity of users and employees. 

  • Solskin is a statement - Solskin sends a message about you: 
    modern - innovative, highly functional - efficient, future-oriented and sustainable.





Design flexibility for limitless creativity

Solskin not only intelligently adapts to your comfort needs, it is also adaptable to almost all new and existing buildings due to its lightweight, modular system with small solar modules and lightweight substructure.


It is this intrinsic modularity that allows architects to apply their conviction, their feelings and their vision to a building. Anyone who lives and works or merely passes by this building will experience its intention.


Even architects without previous experience with PV building integration will quickly become familiar with Solskin integration. With a few standardized mounting points, Solskin is attached to the façade. 


The system is supplied with a control box and the necessary PV components such as DC string optimizer and PV array box. The interface to the building is individually adapted to your building, whether directly to the DC grid with battery storage or the feed-in via inverters. The user control interface can also be adapted as desired.

A control box, a rectifier and a control interface of your choice are the only other things you need. 

Thanks to the light, subtle geometry of this solar system - woven from many small modules that together form a continuous, air-permeable building envelope - the Solskin fits easily and beautifully into the building. With its dynamism and visual complexity that subtly plays with and refines the building's body and geometry, it makes every building unique and elegant.

"After all, considering that this facade moves ... It's just absolutely fascinating. Solskin has the great potential to actively and meaningfully promote the multifunctionality and user orientation of building envelope and sustainable design in its full glory. "

Dr. Vesna Kosoric
Architect, BIPV Expert and committed Solskin team member

Geeignet für fast jedes Gebäude

Design for/against climate change

With Solskin, you are not only contributing to the fight against climate change, you are also prepared for its effects. Adaptive shading and smart control can massively reduce the hours of overheating indoors. Even air-conditioning systems can be completely eliminated, or operated with solar power from the building's own production. 

The construction costs even for price-optimised buildings are extremely high in Switzerland. By integrating our product, you simplify the planning and installation by combining several systems into one. You meet shading requirements, increase energy independence, reduce CO2 emissions and create an outstanding appearance for your new building.

But with its modular design and easy integration into existing architecture, Solskin is not only a suitable update for new buildings, but also for building exterior renovations to meet the new climate conditions. With this future-oriented PV solution, you can upgrade your project and gain exclusivity and attractiveness for your building.

Suitable  for almost every building

Due to the modular, flexible and lightweight design of the Solskin, it can be mounted on almost all buildings and facades, and is also suited for refurbishments.



Kräne mit Gebäuden






A message for the city, Switzerland, the world
your message.

Solskin creates landmarks for architecture, ecology and economy. It optimally combines all these aspects, including important social aspects, which is essential for a truly successful sustainable solution.


In addition, there is an artistic-figurative meaning - the poetic dimension of the dynamic solar façade. Thanks to the dynamic performance and control of each module, Solskin communicates and sends information to the outside as well as the inside of the building. For example, in the case of large façade areas, there is the possibility of visibly projecting your company message, logo or belief in sustainability onto your façade. A different inclination of the right solar panels compared to the mass creates a highly visible image that invites passers-by to marvel and linger. Design possibilities are numerous and personal.


This façade represents and sends a message about your commitment to a climate-neutral future. Your adaptive solar façade is the materialisation of the idea of a sustainable future. Through attractive architectural sustainable design solutions, people are motivated for a sustainable future by something beautiful and not only by the fear of climate catastrophe.

Dynamic design for dynamic use

Thanks to the façade attractiveness, design and construction flexibility, modularity and adaptability, it is also much easier to change the use of spaces - for example, from storage to office space, as the interior is more attractive to future employees and the system can be adapted to the new use.

Some inspirations

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