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Solskin is awarded the Watt d'Or 2023

What an amazing start of the year: #Solskin has been awarded the Watt d’Or 2023 in the category “Buildings and Space”. The Watt d’Or, issued by the Bundesamt für Energie BFE , recognizes innovative energy technologies on their way to market implementation.

Zurich Soft Robotics together with the Professorship of Architecture and Building Systems A/S received the award today at the award ceremony in Bern.

Putting the future of #energy into practice, the research done under the name Adaptive Solar Facade is currently developed to become the marked-ready product “#Solskin”. The latest version is showcased in the #Hilo unit at Empa.

The Solskin system will be available commercially starting Q3 2023. But it is already a good time to kick-off the planning process.

The movable #solar modules are mounted on a lightweight structure attached to the #facade of a #building. The modules automatically follow the sun's trajectory during the day, thus maximizing the electrical PV output. The modules can also provide shade inside the building during hot days. Thanks to Solskin AI, an intelligent control system the facade can adapt to the environment, using data such as weather forecasts and users’ needs to optimize for cost savings and occupant’s comfort.

We congratulate all past and current contributors to the project, and all the winners in the other categories for 2023!

Dino R. Rossi

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