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Exploring the Latest Innovations: Solskin's Showcase at IFA Berlin 2023

Zurich Soft Robotics, is thrilled to reveal our upcoming participation at IFA Berlin. Mark your calendars for 1-5 to September join us in Berlin during this great event.

🔔 Don't miss your chance to visit us Hall 27 530 at IFA Berlin and immerse yourself in our captivating showcase of Solskin that's set to inspire and amaze.

🌟 We are enthusiastic to share our vision and ideas as well as connecting with investors and professionals who share our passion for sustainability technology, and the evolution of architecture. Through these discussions, we hope to uncover potential collaborations that will pave the way for a more sustainable future. The IFA Berlin sustainability village provides the platform to exchange insights, learn from each other, and collectively contribute to shaping the trajectory of our industry.

Solskin at IFA Next in Berlin

Learn about the innovative solutions that Solskin offers to make buildings more climate-resilient, ensuring a sustainable future.

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