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A BIPV photovoltaic façade that moves: the future of architecture with Solskin

Climate change and the energy transition are presenting the world with new challenges. These have far-reaching effects on energy and health, but also on architecture and comfort in and around our buildings and neighbourhoods. Solutions to these problems are urgently needed. With Solskin, we present a visionary solution that is the first adaptive, moving PV façade that adapts to the needs of its occupants and the environment - a BIPV solution that perfectly combines multifunctionality, aesthetics, renewable energy and user comfort in one product.

Read the following article to find out what characterises Solskin in comparison to a conventional photovoltaic system.

Aesthetic photovoltaic façade: modules as a visible statement of style

Solskin integration sets new standards in terms of design. The solar systems consisting of many small modules, which together form a curtain wall, merge seamlessly with the building to which they are attached. Thanks to the dynamic control of the modules, Solskin actively interacts with its surroundings - both outside and inside.

A Solskin system also offers great design freedom. It is lightweight and available in various shapes and colours.

Are you considering purchasing our BIPV façade system for your company's buildings?

Solskin offers you the unique opportunity to visibly communicate your innovative strength and belief in sustainability through your façade cladding and to enhance your building. The dynamic position of the PV modules creates an impressive image that changes throughout the day and becomes a real eye-catcher for passers-by.

Adaptive solar façade: the future of energy generation

Solskin technology is unique in terms of efficiency. Compared to other PV façade systems, Solskin reduces energy consumption by 20-80%. What's more, the vertically mounted system produces up to 40% more electricity per PV cell than if it were mounted statically, as is usual with normal photovoltaic façades. Particularly in the winter months, a vertical solar installation can significantly improve the yield balance and thus bring major energy benefits. These advantages are further enhanced by Solskin's movable solar modules, which can follow the low position of the sun in winter.

But Solskin also adapts optimally to different weather conditions in order to ensure an optimum energy balance, but also to create an ideal indoor climate with you as the user at the centre.

Smart control for maximum user comfort

Solskin is more than just a photovoltaic façade - it has an intelligent control system based on specially developed artificial intelligence (AI) that adapts to energy requirements and user needs in real time. The result? A living and working environment that not only improves comfort, but also significantly increases the well-being, motivation and productivity of residents and employees.

A contribution to combating climate change: electricity generation and solar shading at the same time

Solskin makes a significant contribution to combating climate change. The façade system is not only responsible for energy savings and electricity production, but also provides effective protection from intense sunlight through adaptive shading. The result is even so far-reaching that, depending on the building, air conditioning systems become superfluous or can at least be operated with self-generated solar power. Thanks to intelligent control, Solskin adapts to energy requirements and the needs of users at all times, resulting in a pleasant indoor climate and increased comfort.

Your solar façade in just a few steps: we support you from quotation to installation

Do you want to design your façade with Solskin solar modules? We will guide you professionally through the entire process, from the initial quotation to the final installation. Our experts will analyse your requirements and present you with a tailor-made solution for your solar façade. Together with architects and specialist planners, we work out the details of your project to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. Our experienced installation partners will take care of the professional installation of the Solskin façade to ensure seamless integration into the building.

Still not convinced?

In a feasibility study with building simulation, we find out for you what energy and comfort improvements can be expected for your project. We will be happy to suggest a façade design that takes into account the specific conditions and location of your building.

Solar façades of the future: an upgrade for every building

Discover a pioneering solution with Solskin that not only revolutionises new buildings, but also takes building envelope renovations into a new era.Our modular design and seamless integration into existing architecture make every project a real highlight. Our pilot projects have already demonstrated this impressively: The theory works in practice exactly as we expected - with consistently successful results.

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