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KELLER Diamant

Our first large pilot project (1'300 m2) in planning.

The company Keller Druckmesstechnik AG is an innovative sensory company from Winterthur. The company invented an integrated silicon measuring cell to measure pressure in the most precise manner. The fully family-owned business is run by the two Keller brothers and has 480 employees. The company stands for the best quality and ensures this with its focus on the well-being of its employees.

The company is currently in the planning phase of a new main manufacturing building that should be finalized by 2025. In this building, many machines that generate heat and consume a lot of energy will be standing. For that reason, Keller AG wants to keep its electricity and cooling demand as low as possible. This is where the Solskin façade comes into play. It will protect the whole south-facing façade from the heat of the sun and produce PV electricity. This new building will stand for the same values as the company itself: Technology, precision and a well-planned environment.

Power in Numbers


facade area


annual energy savings


metric tons
annual CO2 offset

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