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We won an NCCR dfab grant to construct a Solskin product demonstrator at the Zero Carbon Lab

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

The National Centre of Competence in Research Digital Fabrication supports the technical development and installation of our Solskin facade as a Product Demonstrator with a 25'000 CHF grant. The demonstrator will showcase all the technical improvements of the latest development, including modular design, a new mounting system, as well as new currently unrevealed features to improve occupants' comfort and wellbeing. It will be mounted at the Zero Carbon Building System Lab at ETH Zurich. The project is led by the Chair of Architecture and Building Systems headed by Prof. Arno Schlueter. The final demonstrator will be used to conduct user tests to identify further points to improve user acceptance and test novel approaches to increase user comfort and wellbeing.

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Visualization of the Zero Carbon Building Systems Lab at ETH Zurich with the attached Solskin demonstrator.

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