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Solskin's Participation in the Swiss Green Economy Symposium: Booth & Innovation Pitch

🚀 ZurichSoftRobotics is excited to announce our presence at the 11th Swiss Green Economy Symposium! Save the dates: 5th to 7th September 2023. Join us in Winterthur! Connect with leaders of the Swiss economy, politicians and innovators striving towards a sustainable future for Switzerland.

🔔 Join our innovation pitch at IF.08 “Sustainable Smart Cities”, to find out how Solskin create smart, livable and climate resilient cities.

🌟 Visit our booth to experience how the buildings of the future will shape around you.

We look forward to discussing our solutions with everyone passionate about Sustainability, technology, and the future of smart cities. We're keen on identifying potential partnerships that can steer us towards a more sustainable future. The Swiss Green Economy Symposium offers a platform for knowledge exchange and collaborative growth.

Come and see how Solskin's innovative solutions are driving the movement towards a climate-resilient urban environment.

Solskin presents at Swiss Green Economy Symposium and holds presents its innovation at a talk

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