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Setting new standards:



Ein Design als Verkörperung von Dynamik, Moderne und Nachhaltigkeit macht Sie zum Pionier der nachhaltigen Architektur.


Erneuerbare Energie

Besser als herkömmliche Fassaden PV Systeme, mit zusätzlichen Einsparungen von 20-80% des Energieverbrauchs.

Ermöglicht durch Solskins' höchst wetterresistentesten Solartracker.



Maximaler Komfort durch
selbst lernende KI-Steuerung.

Optimiert intelligent Energie und Komfort durch Verwendung von Wetterprognosen sowie Nutzungs und Umweltdaten.

+ 40%

Betterasconventional Facades PV systems, with additionalSavings of 20-80% of energy consumption.

Made possible by Solskins' Suprememost weather-resistant solar tracker.


Maximum comfortthrough
self-learning AI control.

Intelligently optimizes energy and comfortuse  of weather forecasts as welluse  and environmental data.

Solskin HILO
  • Take control of the energy flows through the skin of your buildings

  • Experience the advantages of a building envelope that intelligently adapts to your needs

  • Make a visible statement for sustainability

Available 2023

Start planning today


We work with:

Our awards

Solskin ETH Spinoff

Stage 1 Grant

Solskin Empa Skinoff

Startup Coaching Grant

Solskin Energy Lab Winner

Project Grant

Stage 1 won


Project Grant

Climate neutral with Solskin


You, a Building owner, an architect or a planner are interested in Solskin and reach out to us



We analyse your planned building or renovation and we propose possible solskin integrations 

Together with other planners (architects, PV-planners, facade-planners) we plan the project in detail and handle the building application



Our installation partners mount Solskin to your building and we handle the integration into the building automation systems.Your Solskin is now fully operational.

With our Solskin carefree service we provide your system with regular software updates and keep your facade moving over its entire lifetime.

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